Zoo Closes For Snow, Then Camera Catches Baby Elephant Totally Losing It With Joy

3222 views13 January 2017

The Oregon Zoo recently released a video that no one expected to see on a day they closed their doors to all visitors: footage of their animals waking up and thoroughly enjoying their snow-covered habitats!

When a zoo closes down for weather or other reasons, you probably don’t think much about what’s going on behind those gates. But this video shows us the animals still go on with their days.

And if it’s a snow day, it seems they go on much happier.

The best part of the video below is when a baby elephant walks out of his door at 1:46. He looks around, as if he’s noticing the white snow and pondering what to do. The next shot you see is him frolicking in and out of the water with snow all over his body.

They also show us the sea lions and polar bears too. They all seem to be enjoying their day out of the public eye and buried in the snow.

It’s so sweet to see these animals are still enjoying themselves when we’re not around!

They remind me a lot of myself when I was a little kid waking up to the news that school was closed. Can anyone say sledding?

I think an elephant on a sled is a sight we’d all love to see, but for now, I’m happy to settle for this.

Before we even see the playful elephant, we get to see how his friends enjoy their snow day!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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Video Credit: Oregon Zoo

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