Young Refugee Who’s Seen More Hardships Than Most His Age Comforts Dog Until Help Arrives

874 views26 February 2017
Hüseyin el-Hasan is an eight-year-old refugee from Syria. He has experienced more turmoil and upset in his eight years athan most of us face in a lifetime. He and his family now live in Turkey. This is a picture of Hüseyin. The dog you see lying next to Hüseyin is a stray dog.

The dog had been hit by a car near Hüseyin’s home and had been left to die. The driver of the car has not been found. Hüseyin wasn’t about to let the dog suffer alone. He grabbed a blanket from his house and covered the dog.

He also called for help and sat with her until help arrived. Animal control came and picked up the dog. She was taken to get treated for her injuries. According to the Turkish news outlet, Anadolu Ajansi, the dog passed away a short time later.

As you can imagine, Hüseyin was upset by the news of her death. Hüseyin’s kind deed did not go unnoticed. Cuma Özdemir, the city’s deputy mayor, went to Hüseyin’s home and honored him for helping the dog.

Özdemir said that Hüseyin’s actions represent the best of humanity. Hüseyin was given a new blanket to replace the one he gave to the dying dog.

Thank you Hüseyin for showing us that there are people out there who still care.

You are a young boy and have shown the adults in this world what it means to be a decent human being. You are my hero. Share away, people.

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