Woman Discovers Unwanted Baby Lying In Trash — Two Years Later, She Sees A Miracle

1482 views18 January 2017
Miracles happen everywhere – we just need time and patience for one. This story is about a baby girl named Nika, originally from Haiti.

Her miracle came in the form of a guardian angel – 28 year-old therapist, Sara Conque with a burning passion to help needy children around the world. She moved from her home in Louisiana, United States to delicate herself fully to her charitable work.

Sara got a job at Danita’s Children Medical Center in Haiti, where she stumbled upon a 3 month old child named Nika. Nika was suffering from hydranencephaly, which caused fluids to build up in the brain – this caused her head to swell 3 times its original size.

Because of her deadly condition, Nika is not expected to live past infancy. Her own mother left her as she was ashamed of how her daughter looked like.

Sara and her boyfriend Stephen decided to adopt Nika and give her a new home back in the United States.

Nika soon received two corrective neurosurgery procedures – she is now able to walk, talk and stand properly after her brain tissues were rid of fluids.

Sara and Stephen decided to document her story on Instagram, nicknaming her ‘the little warrior’.

The nickname was suitable – Nika’s survival changed her fate forever, in the best way!

Nika now receives regular treatment at the local children medical facility, and is growing up well.

Look how happy she is! And she continues to inspire us all.

Isn’t she truly a little warrior?

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