Why Health Experts Are Warning People To STOP Eating Tilapia!

3236 views28 March 2017
You have probably heard all the advice about eating fish because of the healthy omega-3 fats they contain. Omega-3 fats can help lower a person’s risk for Alzheimer’s. But, you have to be careful. One inexpensive way to get the right amount of seafood is to buy Tilapia – it isn’t going to break the bank. But there are new warnings about eating Tilapia.
Wake Forest University School of Medicine researchers studied Tilapia and have some shocking information. Tilapia, when compared to other kinds of fish has very little Omega-3. They are chock full of Omega-6 fatty acids – which increase your risk for Alzheimer’s!
The amount of Omega-6 fatty acids that Tilapia contain is even higher than bacon and hamburger. Arachidonic acid, one of the omega-6 fatty acids, is linked with an increase of inflammatory damage seen before the onset of Alzheimer’s.
The Tilapia we buy is farmed. The fish will eat just about anything, so farmers have no trouble raising the hearty fish. Reportedly, some farmers actually fee their Tilapia pig and chicken poop!
To make matters worse, they are bombarded with antibiotics – and they are genetically altered. The chemicals that the Tilapia come in contact with makes them a suspect in causing cancer. Tilapia have been found with a toxic chemical in them called dioxin.

The human body can’t get rid of the dioxin (it is linked with the development and progression of cancer). All of this helps them grow faster so the farmers can make more money. Stay away from Tilapia. Eat halibut, mackerel, or sardines instead!

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