When This Foal Was Spotted Crying Out In Distress, The Rescuers Didn't Know They'd Be Saving TWO Lives That Day!

1474 views23 January 2017
The first thing that went through my mind when I first saw this video was, "Wow, are those actual WILD horses?" In America, there aren't many wild horses in existence, but fortunately that isn't the case in the rest of the world.

The video below was taken in Loughor Estuary marshland in Gower, South Wales. It shows a wild pony and her mother, who incredibly, has managed to get her hoof caught up in the tangled mess of her matted mane.

As you'll discover in the video, the poor horse was struggling so hard just to walk. And without being able to use her front leg, she was constantly falling back to the ground. Her desperate struggle is hard to watch.

But, lucky for her, the amazing heroes from the Royal Society of Preservation of Cruelty to Animals found her in time to assist her in untangling her leg and they were able to get her back on her feet!

Once she's free, you can tell how happy the little pony was to see her mother safe and mobile once more - it's absolutely adorable!

Even though it's wonderful to see wild horses, I guess there are drawbacks to not having humans around to help and protect them when they need it, but luckily in this case, everything worked out perfectly!

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