When Rescuers Find A Starving Baby Elephant, They Soon Realize That Hunger Is The Least Of Her Worries!

10285 views24 January 2017
Usually, when the declining numbers in the population of wild elephants comes to mind, it's the cruel hunters who kill the elephants for their ivory tusks that we think of first. But, sadly the ivory trade isn't the only threat that wild elephants face.

For the Sumatran elephants, of Southeast Asia, the biggest threat comes in the form of vicious owners of palm oil plantations and the farmers that work the land.

These people are quickly destroying the habitat of the Sumatran elephants in order to make room for larger plantations, which unfortunately provide palm oil for almost half of all consumer foods, personal care products, and household cleaners.

And as if that destruction weren't bad enough, the brutal workers regard the forest's native animals, such as the elephants, to be mere nuisances and don't think twice about killing or hurting any hapless animals that come too close to their crops.

Not long ago, a rescuer from BKSDA, a nature conservation agency in Indonesia, came upon an emaciated baby elephant, who'd lost her mama (probably due to the palm oil industry) wandering all by itself in the forest.

After examining the baby, rescuers quickly realized that she was also suffering from a bullet wound to her side.

 And even though they aren't positive about who's responsible, chances are good that the baby wandered too close to one of the plantations and was shot by a worker.

Fortunately, now this sweet baby is in good hands. She's been relocated to a government elephant center in order to receive the treatment that she so desperately needs in order to recover fully from her injuries.

With a little luck and lots of TLC this beautiful baby will one day be released back into the wild. 

It's so hard to imagine anyone hurting such a defenseless baby! What do you think about what goes on around these palm oil plantations?

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Everyone should know about the horrific practices of these plantation owners and their farmers!

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