Trapped Deer Thought No One Was Coming To Save Him, But Then A Hero Came Along

20998 views26 January 2017

One Rapid City Police officer proved that he loves to serve not only humans but animals as well. 

Senior Officer Richard Holt from Rapid City, South Dakota, responded to a call early Thursday morning of a deer stuck in a fence at the Anamosa Street bridge over I-90. 

The deer was is desperate need of help, and it was apparent he was struggling and unable to free himself from the fence. Officer Holt calmed the deer down by throwing  a blanket over it, and eventually he was able to set the deer free. 

The Rapid City Police Department posted the rescue to Facebook and so far it’s received over 147,000 views. When asked about the rescue, Officer Holt said, “As a police officer you never know what situations the community will call upon you to help with. It isn’t always your responsibility, but when no one else is available, you do what needs to be done.”

“This video should serve as further proof that no two days in law enforcement are ever the same!” the department wrote.  “Watch as Sr. Officer Rich Holt helps free a deer that got itself stuck in a fence:”

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Trapped Deer Thought No One Was Coming To Save Him, But Then A Hero Came Along