Trainers Tied Tiger Down With Ropes And Said People Who Ride Him Bring Them Luck

347 views16 January 2017
Circuses may seem like magical places on the surface, but behind the scenes, they are not so happy for the animals that live there. We, humans, have the ability to produce amazing art and music – and at the same time have the ability to harm animals in unthinkable ways. Take this circus in China.

They have a tiger on a table, and it is tied down. The tiger can’t move. As if that weren’t bad enough – they then allow people to come in and sit on the tiger – for pictures.

This took place at a traveling circus in Yiyang, Hunan Province. Ashley Fruno, a senior campaigner for PETA Asia, said the name of the circus is not known. The man in the video above is telling the people that they will have fortune and luck after riding the tiger.

Animals deserve dignity and respect. Tigers were not made for people to ride them. Tigers should not be forced to live like this to give people ‘luck.’

Sadly, Fruno says there are more than 300 circuses in just one city in China. Imagine how many more animals have to suffer such abuse and humiliation.

At the Qingdao Safari Park, this bear was dragged across the stage when he didn’t want to perform. Who can blame him? He wasn’t made to perform for our entertainment.

The animals only ‘perform’ out of fear, says Fruno. They do all those amazing things, so they don’t get punished.

Behind the scenes, the animals are often lacking in the proper food, water, and shelter. Don’t go to the circus. Share away, people.

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