This Young Firefighter Saved A Dog’s Life By Giving Him CPR, Becoming A National Hero

889 views 01 January 2017
Mugurel Costache became a national hero in just a few days. This young Romanian fireman recently saved the life of a dog poisoned by smoke from a fire by giving him CPR and mouth-to-mouth. The scene on December 9, rapidly went viral, with already over two million views.

He was participating in a rescue operation in Pitesti, a town located northwest of Bucarest. After having removed a fifty year-old-man from the flaming apartment, Mugurel Costache rushed to the little dog asphyxiated by the smoke. The animal was only half-conscious and his chances of survival were slim.

The fireman started by doing CPR, like he usually did on human beings. To give him every chance at survival, he also gave the pup mouth-to-mouth to reactivate the animal’s respiratory system.

Emergency acts that were worth it as the dog was able to survive and doesn’t suffer from any serious after-effects.


“If the fireman didn’t intervene, the dog wouldn’t have had a chance,” confirms Liliana Stanila, a veterinarian, to Mediafax, a media agency. From his perspective the young firefighter explained that he received messages of support from “just about everywhere, from Dubai, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, England.” He also said that he would like to adopt the dog if by chance the current owner would accept.


Romanian media have widely shared the heroic gesture of the young fireman and have decided to call him the “hero of Pitesti.”

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