This Puppy's Mother Tried To Eat Him But He Miraculously Survived And Now Has Two Cat Parents

247 views21 January 2017
Nicolas is a true miracle puppy. This young Pitbull is one of the survivors from a litter of eight puppies who were sadly rejected by their mother. As sometimes happens in the dog world, the mother tragically killed and ate three of Nicolas’ brothers and sisters. Nicolas was saved just in time but sadly he lost a leg…

Nicolas had to be taken out of his mother’s reach before she finished trying to eat him. With limited means, his family tried as best they could to keep him alive. But the puppy was so young and tiny that they feared he would not survive…

But with some help from a few baby bottles…Something incredible happened…

Hardly a week old,  and Nicolas met his new adoptive parents: two cats.
The two cats naturally started to take care of Nicolas, the best mothers he could have ever asked for.

Despite his still very fragile state, Nicolas recovered thanks to the love and tenderness of his two new feline parents.

They took time cleaning him, cuddling him, and keeping him warm…

His human told Bored Panda:


Gladly, with constant care from me, my cats and my other 5 dogs he turned into a lovely dog!


The once tiny pup without a paw and a future is one of the best things I have.


We are so touched by Nicolas’ story and we can’t get over how amazing his adoptive cat mothers have been. We wish him a very happy life full of love.


NB : Cases of cannibalism amongst dogs are rare. They can happen for several reasons. Stress, fear, tiredness, confusion, not recognising the puppies as their own, ill puppies, etc…

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