This Pitbull, Named Titus, Is So Rare That He's The Only One Of His Breed In The World!

4723 views29 December 2016
Today happens to be your lucky day! You have the opportunity to meet one of the rarest dogs in the entire world.

When you first get a glimpse of him, you may think that he's a Cheetah, but rest assured, he isn' a matter of fact, this dog is so rare, that he's the only one of his kind in his entire breed. Everyone, I'm happy to introduce you to Titus.

It's plain to see that Titus is a dog, unlike any other you've ever seen. He's what's known as an Albanian Pit Bull, which is an exceptionally rare breed. We're talking, a dog that's so rare, that there's only one example, and that example is Titus!

Titus is known as the canine with cheetah markings because well...he looks a lot like one!

Titus became an internet sensation for the first time a couple of weeks ago when his picture was posted on the Internet, and it quickly went viral.

Now, dog's like Titus, with these cheetah-like markings aren't that common, but they do exist.

The beauty associated with this "mutation" is that lots of different dog breeds have these cheetah like markings nowadays.

Now, here's the key, there are lots of different ways to create this cheetah like appearance on a dog.

Some people use  the magic tricks provided by different computer programs, in order to make their dog look like Titus, or they can simply apply spots to their dog using non-toxic, temporary ink.

The simple fact that Titus is shown sitting on what looks like a groomer's table in this photograph gives the suggestion that the latter approach was taken to achieve this pattern.

With that in mind, I'd like to show you another member in the line of rare and mythical dogs with unusual appearances, such as this Sahara Dachshund:

Wow! What a story...or should I say, tall tale?! What do you think about Titus and his beautiful markings?

Let us know in the comments section below and if you think that this dog's appearance is unbelievable, please 'SHARE' these photos with family and friends on Facebook!

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