This Man Can’t Leave His House Without Doing This To His Cat — And It’s Absolutely Adorable!

920 views 09 January 2017

Are cats indifferent to humans in contrast to their loving, affectionate canine counterparts? Haters beware – a new cat is in town to prove you wrong.

Meet Ville, a cat from Sandviken, Sweden; he’s too loving to be true! His relationship with his human is unbelievably strong – the owner can’t go anywhere without Ville showering him with this daily snuggle-worthy act! Ville was not treating his owner like a treat or petting machine – he just wanted to display acts of affection, in his own way.

Cats express affection and love to their beloved humans by mewing, pawing and fluffing their tails – They don’t wag their tails or shower you with wet, sloppy kisses courtesy of canines. Cat whispers are feline ways of conveying their affections to you.

This is straight-up heartwarming feline love, people. Cats are just as loving as dogs too, albeit different in animal body language and behavior – all we have to do is to give them a chance to do so!

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