This Guy Decided To Feed A Stray Dog, But He Never Imagined It Would Lead To THIS.

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A man named Tze has earned himself the nickname “Master of Strays”. His friend, Yinie, gave him the nickname after Tze helped seven stray dogs that crossed his path.

Yinie recently shared the story of Tze online because the man was being modest about it, and Yinie felt that he deserved some recognition.

Yinie said that back in September of 2010 Tze saw a stray dog in his neighborhood, and after seeing the dog around for a few weeks Tze decided to feed her. One day the Tze found that the stray had given birth to a litter of tiny little puppies.

By the time that Tze met them, the puppies were only a few days old. The weather was just starting to get cold and nasty for the fall, and Tze knew that if he left the dogs alone, they would most likely die.

So, over the course of the next week Tze gathered food, blankets, and a large cardboard box. He set up the supplies in his garage and opened the space up for the dogs.

The canine family was cautious about going into Tze’s home, but with a little coaxing they made their way into the garage.

A few days later the mom dog had let her guard down a little and allowed Tze to pet her and the puppies.

Tze held on to the family for three months in his garage before he knew that they were comfortable enough with him for him to take them to the vet.

Once there, he found out that the mother was 2 years old and that she had a bad case of worms. He got her the medicine that she needed and made sure that she grew to be healthy again.

Over the next two months the puppies continued to grow, and Tze began trying to find permanent homes for them. He managed to get a home for every single one of the puppies. This photo is of the last time that Tze held this particular puppy.

Right after this photograph was taken this puppy was adopted out to his new family

Tze couldn’t stand to part with every puppy though.

The home that he found for Honey was his own! On top of keeping Honey, Tze also kept the mother, who he named Baby.

The two dogs were incredibly happy with Tze and his home.

Here are some pictures of them together after just a few months…

And here are some from 2014! That’s not the end, though.

There’s still one more part to this story. 7 months ago, Tze ran into another stray puppy.

He brought the little guy in and took him to the vet.

The puppy had an extreme case of mange, but Tze has been caring for him and little guy is almost back to full health now.

Tze has named him Merlin and has decided to keep him

Now the happy family has another member!

What a wonderful story of compassion! Share away, people!

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