This Great Dane Runs Alongside The Bike Until He Gets Tired, And Then, Well, You've Got To See This To Believe It!

328 views14 January 2017
Any doctor will tell you that a little exercise is good for your health. Just walking, even if it's just a bit each day, can have a positive affect on your health. And just like a human doctor, veterinarians will also agree that your dog needs exercise too - for the exact same reasons that you do.

Being active is not only good for their physical well-being, but for their mind as well. And of course, whenever you begin a new exercise regimen, you should always check with your doctor and/or veterinarian before you start. 

Taking safety precautions and using good common sense are very important tools. In the video below, a dad is riding along on his bicycle and alongside him, running, is his Great Dane, Luther. When they start out, everything is going along nicely, and their running keeps time with the music, it's upbeat and happy.

Luther seems to be keeping up nicely. However, as Luther begins to tucker out, the music too starts to slow down. Luther looks exhausted! But, don't worry, dad's got the perfect solution for a tired doggie- he's brought a wagon along for Luther to jump into!

Oh well, all's well that ends well! LOL! Luther looks perfectly content to be riding along in his wagon and his little sister, Lola, has been tagging along the entire time. What a clever dad! And if you ask me, the two pups are pretty smart too!

Looks like dad's real work-out is about to begin!

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