This Cat Will Be More Mindful Where She Sleeps After Sleeping On The Garage Door

246 views 10 January 2017
Just one look at this picture, and you know that the kitty is in some trouble. The cat is named Bella, and this was taken at her home in Louisiana last month. Deputy Mike Scott from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office was called by neighbors to come help. Bella loves to sleep on the garage door when it is open (and horizontal) – why?

Who knows, she is a cat and cats do weird things. Anyway, she clearly is stuck – her owner had closed the garage and left for the day without realizing Bella was trapped. To get Bella free, they had to take the molding around the door frame off.

Bella’s owner returned home a short time later. Bella was not injured! Maybe Bella should find a new (safer) favorite place to sleep! But, she is a cat, and she will do whatever she wants! Share away, people!

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