Thinnest Dog Ever Makes Incredible Recovery To Walk New Owner Down Aisle At Wedding

2514 views 04 March 2017

William, a greyhound-saluki cross, was described as the thinnest dog ever by one of the RSPCA inspectors who rescued him. 

When William was found in September 2015, he weighed only 3.2kg instead of a healthy 10kg, according to

He was so frail that when the RSPCA rescuer found him he had to be carried around in a towel. William was dehydrated and like a skeleton when brought to the RSPCA’s Coventry branch. He was found lying in his own feces and urine. 

When a woman named Rachel Butler, who was the charity’s press officer wrote a release appeal for information about William’s owners, she fell in love with the dog upon seeing his photosButler went to take a look at William and he licked her on her nose. 

It was love at first sight for Butler and she convinced her soon-to-be husband Chris Mallett that the pup would be a great companion for their 11-year-old West Highland terrier, Harry. 

“When William moved in he was very innocent but as the weeks went on he started to build up his confidence. Then one day he sneaked up ­towards me, pulled my slipper off my foot and ran away with it. We loved seeing his cheeky side come out,” Butler said.

William came into the couple’s lives just in time to celebrate their wedding with them and he even walked Butler down the aisle. Dressed in a tweed collar and bow tie, the adorable dog stole the show! “When he was brought into the RSPCA’s care he was close to death. But on our wedding day his tail did not stop wagging,” Butler said. 

“He is very confident these days and he makes us laugh every day,” she continued. William is now nearly two and weighs a healthy 23kg.

As far as William’s previous owners, they were found and charged. They admitting to causing unnecessary suffering to William and they are banned from keeping animals for life. 

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