They Were Driving On This Road When They Saw Something. Upon Closer Look? I’m Shocked.

31836 views 09 February 2017
The Sky Foundation for Animal Rights was started in May 2008, to help pets in Isai, Romania and the surrounding areas. Isai is the largest city in Eastern Romania. Recently, four puppies were found in a Romanian city covered in hot tar and left on a country road in the sun to die. This is not the first incident – it is feared that the person responsible is intentionally torturing dogs.

Two puppies were found less than two months ago in a similar state. The Sky Foundation for Animal Rights rescued those puppies and they have recovered. During this incident, a police officer was heard saying he wasn’t going to waste his time with the crime. Veterinarian Sorin Puiu was able to clean off the four puppies.

They are expected to survive but are listed in serious condition. Romania continues to struggle with not only their economy but animal abuse. Share away, people.

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