They Find An Exhausted Mother, But What’s Underneath Her Body Shocked Them All…

8463 views09 February 2017

Dogs really do look out for each other in their time of need. No one knows dogs who don’t know each other would seek to provide to one another, but this mother dog is thankful that this stray pooch was persistent in his efforts.

Hero is a stray dog that Marina Tarashevsce had been caring for, and when he started barking persistently and sounding distressed, she knew that something was up. As she followed Hero, he was leading her off in a direction that took her to Mona and her ten puppies, who were in desperate need of help. Rescuers helped to get all the babies out, as well as the mother, and took them to the vet.

Now they’re all in a foster home together and are being care for. In a few weeks, the puppies will be happy and healthy enough to all go to new homes of their own. Share away, people

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