The Truth Behind These Rare Horses That Existed In Late 19th Century Is Fascinating

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Horses were widely used in the late 1880s. They could pull a plow or a wagon. One breed of horse, the Oregon Long-haired Wonder Horse had some amazing hair! There is some disagreement about where the breed came from. Historians say that they are related to Clydesdale draft horses. As you can imagine, these horses may have had some trouble working in the fields. They were popular in circuses, though.

1. Here you can see the long flowing mane. Gorgeous!

2. This horse was unofficially known as the “Most Beautiful Horse Alive.” His name was White Wings, and his mane was 14 feet long. His tail was 17 feet in length!

3. Braiding and pigtails were used to help the hair from getting tangled while they slept.

4. The thick, long hair and in the mane and tail has no equal today

5. This is Linus, the Eaton brothers paid $30,000 for him. The Eaton’s had a traveling circus, and Linus was the star!

6. This horse was the first Oregon Wonder Horse that caught the world’s eye. He was found working on a small farm in Oregon. He died shortly after being taken east to work as a show horse on Coney Island.

7. The first Oregon Wonder Horses son was Linus! Linus also had a son, Linus II, they were the only horses who had that long, flowing mane.

8. It is likely that the horses were also sold as ‘oddities’ having a genetic mutation.

9. Sadly, these horses are no longer around.

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