The Tragedy Of Life In A Zoo Summed Up In One Painful Photo

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If there could be only one, this would be it: the photo that depicts the tragedy of zoos. A majestic bear backed up against the walls of his concrete pit as kids try to coax a reaction out of him.

zoosadness-1Source: Peter Marlow 


This photo, a work of the photographer Peter Marlow, perfectly captures the bear’s desolate state as he concedes to his life as a tourist attraction. Far away from his natural habitat, like so many other animals, the bear is constricted to living between four walls for entertainment purposes.

The moving photograph was taken at the Kaliningrad zoo in Russia in 2001. Sadly, 15 years later, nothing has changed and bears are still living in these conditions in zoos around the world.

If being enclosed in a tiny, dark pit weren’t enough, zoo animals are often also victims of onlookers’ games, who believe they deserve some sort of reaction out of the wild animals for the money they’ve paid. They don’t hesitate to bang against the glass or the cage bars, waking the dozing animals or even throwing their food in some cases

The animal defence association, PeTA, highlights


    (This animal) will almost certainly spend the rest of his days in confinement, being gawked at by a constant stream of visitors, and having every aspect of his life controlled by humans. Just like humans, other animals long for freedom.

How long before mentalities develop to such a point where humans can stop exploiting animals for their own pleasure?

The best thing we can do for our animal friends is to leave them in the wild, where they belong, growing up as they were meant to. A wild animal’s beauty lies in his freedom… A fact which humans being are sadly still far from acknowledging.

zoosadness-2Source: Jo-Anne McArthur


H/t: TheDodo

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