Terrified 11-Year-Old Secretly Hands Teacher A Note. Teacher Immediately Calls The Cops

55664 views14 February 2017
Donald Ray Guy, 27, was holding his girlfriend and her 11-year-old daughter against their will in Louisiana. He had reportedly kept the two locked in a mobile home for several weeks. The mother wrote a note on a tattered piece of notebook paper and gave it to her daughter to take to school.

It is not clear what the note said, but it indicated the mother was in some trouble and needed help. The girl took the note to her school, East Feliciana Middle School, and when school officials read the note, they called the police. Sheriff Jeff Travis said his office was contacted on November 1.

Officers with a K-9 unit went to the mobile home. They knocked on the door, but there was no response. After obtaining a warrant, they returned and found Guy hiding in the closet and arrested him. The mother was not harmed, but she had been scared to leave.

She didn’t have a car, couldn’t talk on the phone, and the mobile home was in a rural area. Also arrested were Guy’s grandmother and mother. Travis reported that the little girl is a sweet kid and is in good spirits. Guy now faces charges of false imprisonment and domestic abuse battery.

Guy is being held without bail and as of now he has no legal representation. Guy also had three (at least) outstanding warrants on him. The mother is relieved to be out of that situation. I would be too! Share away, people.

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