Teacher Thinks Ellen DeGeneres Is Giving Her iPads For Her School. She Wasn’t Expecting This.

2823 views06 January 2017

The teachers in our country go above and beyond every single day for their students. You don’t become a teacher for the fame or the notoriety, you become a teacher to inspire, teach, and mold young minds. At one school district, their motto is to “Reach every student, every day.”

So, when Ashlyn, 24, joined the Brantley School District as an occupational therapist, that is what she strives to do. Ashlyn and her husband, Brent, moved close to the school Ashlyn would be working at. The Brantley school district is located in a very poor county in Georgia. Ashlyn has to give her students extra care each day because of the poverty they have to live in.

The district often struggles with poor funding. Why should a school system suffer with poor funding? Ellen Degeneres wanted to help out Ashlyn in a very special way and she did! Share away, people!

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