Sweet Senior Dog Surrendered By Parents After Daughter Goes Off To College

1371 views 09 February 2017

When this family’s daughter decided to leave the nest, the family cleaned out more than just her room, they gave away her 11 year old Cocker spaniel / Lab mix pup to the shelter because they couldn’t care for it. Unfortunately this pup was more of an asset that the family just threw away. The shelter that received this pup were pleased to see that he was well behaved and got along with everyone.

But life hadn’t given up on this dog, instead the shelter received numerous adoption requests of families willing to take this dog home with them. The Morrow County Dog Shelter’s Facebook page stated that they were overwhelmed with the requests!

Here’s to hoping that this fur ball found his forever loving home and that along with him, a few more pups found their loving homes too. There are thousands of dogs in shelters looking for homes, please share so we can help them find theirs.

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