Sick Man Decapitates A Dog Because “It Looked At Him Weirdly”

2048 views24 January 2017

In Florida’s West Palm Beach, United States, a 28-year-old man named Javier Orelly has been arrested for committing two accounts of animal abuse. An anonymous caller saw Javier kicking and throwing his dog around and notified the authorities. When the police arrived at his house, they found him busy, digging two graves while a beheaded dog and duck laid near him.

Javier tried to lie by claiming that his dog bit him. He later confessed to have stabbed it in the neck because it looked at him in a “weird” way. Police found a ritual-like sacrificial site, full of weaponry, money and even a carving of the word ‘totura’ – a misspelling of ‘tortura’, meaning ‘torture’ in Basque.

Javier was reported to have chopped the dog’s head with an ax, till it came off.

Authorities clarified that Javier was “stressed out” and wanted to “cleanse” himself of evil – by taking his anger out on these animals and ‘sacrificing’ them.

A judge has ordered for Javier Orelly’s mental health examination since then. His next court session is scheduled for 27 January 2017.

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