She Called Herself An Animal Rescuer, But Watch Her House Of Horrors

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Are people who are celebrated truly kindred spirits? All but one – meet Kay Buell. Perhaps you’ve heard of her – she was famed as a well-known animal rescuer.

In San Bernardino County, the town is gripped by more than 12 felony counts of animal abuse, classified as one of the worst cases ever committed – all by the same person. On 23 November 2015, former animal rescuer Sherre Kay Buell was charged with a total of 15 counts in both Hesperia and Apple Valley.

The dogs’ ribs were exposed, and most of them were so weak, that they were not able to get up even on their own. Despite Kay’s formerly impressive reputation for fostering rescue dogs, she turned out to be their worst nightmare.

A total of 13 dogs were found on Kay’s property – they were starved till they were miserable and bone-thin. Many others were reported to be dead. Angel, pictured below, and the remaining dogs were all hours away from starving to death.

The dogs were kept in unclean conditions – their faeces were left uncleared and they only had water to drink. No food, no baths or even love.

Angel was one of the lucky ones. The other dogs however, weren’t – one died en route to the local vet, another one in the trash can, plus two more were euthanized as they were horrifyingly malnourished.

Many dogs, including Casper, went missing – authorities predicted that Kay was responsible for many dog-napping cases throughout town.

Glad this sick woman is now behind bars for her crime.

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