Severely Premature Baby Born With Feet The Size Of A Penny Goes Home After 17 Weeks

1019 views04 February 2017

It’s hard to understand how any could be purposely cruel to another living creature, but that is sadly what happens to many helpless animals around the world.

Houston, Texas dog rescuer Tina Stone is someone who sadly sees this first hand all the time. “There’s no need to just throw them away like trash,” she says of a tiny dog left for dead in a plastic bag and dumped in a desolate area of the city.

Local resident Keylie Sandoval and her mom saw the bag moving and discovered the dog and called Stone. “We went home and got him some food and we came back and we fed him,” Sandoval said.“Very thin, very sad looking,” Stone added, saying  she found another dumped dog there the week prior.

“They’re pathetic people, heartless,” Stone said of the monsters who left the dog, now known as “Buddy” to die. “They don’t have any idea what a dog is they just consider it an animal on four legs. They’ve got feelings, they do. It’s very upsetting.” Stone brought Buddy to BARC, the city’s animal shelter where they deemed him too unhealthy for life in a shelter.

“He has hair loss on his back. He’s very emaciated. It’s clear he hasn’t had very many meals lately,” said Ashton Rivet with BARC. Thankfully, they were able to get Buddy a foster home with a woman who heard his story.

“Just heartbreaking absolutely needed someone like me to come in as a foster and needed Tina as a rescuer,” foster mom Phyllis Peak said. “He’s got a home now.”

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