Severely Neglected Dog Rescued From Certain Death In Himalayas Makes Incredible Recovery

317 views19 January 2017
Tim Gorski, animal activist and filmmaker, was headed to Taktsang Palphug Monastery tucked away in the Himalayan cliffs in Bhutan. He didn’t make it. Along the way, he spotted a dog in need of help. The dog had severe mange, and immediate action was needed. Mange is a skin disease that is caused by parasitic mites, it can cause extreme itching and irritation.

The rescue center Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care was called, and they rushed out to help. The Maya Foundation, a no-kill and non-profit shelter that is run by all volunteers took over the care of the dog.

They named the dog Tim, in honor of Gorski. In just a few weeks, Tim was a different dog!
Can you believe that they are the same dog? The two images are staggering. Tim, the dog, is now a happy, playful and loving dog.
On Facebook, Gorski saw the dramatic change and posted a message of gratitude and urged people to take the time to care for hurt or stray animals. In his post, he says that walking by isn’t the answer. Feeling sorry for the animals doesn’t help either.

You are not helpless, the suffering animal is. Just one phone call is all it takes. There are rescues and shelters that would be happy to come rescue and care for the animal. But they don’t know the animal is out there unless someone calls to tell them. One person can make a difference, just look at Tim, the dog! Share away, people.

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