Saddest Baby Chimp Was About To Give Up On Life, Then A Miracle Happens

1230 views10 September 2016
Jenny got a nice long sleep at the sanctuary. Her rescuers have hope that her recovery will go well. She has a long way to go to get over her past; she still doesn’t like to be held.
But Jenny does allow the staff to groom and pet her gently. They are slowly building up Jenny’s trust and confidence.

After she gets medical clearance, Jenny will be introduced to the other chimps.
Soon she will have the chance to play and make friends with other chimps.
Jenny seems interested in meeting the other chimps; the staff says she listens to the calls from the group nearby and hoots in reply.
That is a good sign, and it seems as if Jenny will fit in. Visit Ape Action Africa on Facebook to keep up with their work.

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