Stray Dog Follows Runner For 77 Miles, Now He’s Bringing Her Home

424 views18 September 2016
After finishing a 155-mile race, it wasn’t the medal around his neck that made Scottish marathoner Dion Leonard crack a huge smile.

Of course, completing the seven-day run in China’s Gobi Desert is nothing to sniff at, but it was the little buddy he met along the way who really made the trip worth it. Leonard was joined by a small stray dog for roughly half of the distance, an incredible feat for someone so tiny, and decided to bring her home with him.

He named her Gobi after their meeting place, but while he waited back in Scotland for the adoption and customs procedures to finish up, the sweet girl ran away from the friend’s home he left her in.

Leonard was understandably heartbroken by the news and immediately booked a flight back to China to paper the town with fliers with the hope of finding her. Their bond in the desert was clearly a strong one, something Gobi confirmed by excitedly running straight to him when she was finally found.

It’s a miracle she was taken in by someone who also happened to see the fliers, something that sadly doesn’t happen as often as it should. I’m sure these two will have lots of runs in their future, but not without a leash making sure she doesn’t veer from the path again.

I bet they’ll even be able to find a marathon they can compete in together!

Take a look to hear more from Leonard about his beautiful pup.

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