Raccoon Gets Adorably Nervous When His Brother Goes For A Swim In The Pool

4463 views09 September 2016

We have a joke about one of our dogs being the ‘fun police’ whenever two other dogs start to have a good time and play, she starts barking and gets in between them and all the fun stops. Sometimes she gets really angry! I guess she is also what most people would call a party pooper!

No one is allowed to have fun – unless she is having a good time too, then it is ok! In this video, Willy the raccoon just wants to go for a swim. But his brother Waylon is not sure that is a good idea! As you will see, Willy is quite an accomplished swimmer! Waylon is rather nervous that his brother is out there without a life jacket! Watch and enjoy this funny video!

Source : heroviral.com

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