This Dog Was Forcefully Used As Bait In Dog Fighting. What Happened Next? OMG!

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In August of 2013 an investigation into dogfighting in Alabama finally yielded results and 367 dogs were rescued from a the second largest dogfighting ring in United States history.

Rehabilitation has been a long and arduous road for many of the dogs, but one little guy in particular is prove that dogs can indeed make a full recovery from being involved in dog fighting.

Evan struggled with his freedom back in 2013. He tried to stay away from dogs and people and would become very agitated if he had to go out.

He had a severe skin disease, and his teeth were filed down (and eventually had to all be pulled, which gave him the nickname “Toofers”).

Eventually Heather and Charlie Stephenson took in Evan and brought him back to their home, while his foster parents Mandy and Kevin Malecek moved homes.

At the time Evan was still extremely skittish around other dogs, so the Stephensons kept him away from their 6 year old pit bull and 13 year old dachshund.

Three months later, though, and Evan was able to be fully integrated with the other dogs. When he returned to living with the Maleceks, Evan had no trouble being around other dogs whatsoever.

Now, Evan travels between the Maleceks home and the Stephensons, where he visits his old friends who taught him how to return to the world.

Evan has made a fully recovery now; he’s ridiculously happy in his new homes, and he serves as a massive inspiration for people working to rehabilitate fighting dogs everywhere!

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