After What Happened To This Dog, You Wouldn’t Think She’d React Like THIS… Wow!

15093 views13 September 2016
Lola was a dog in horrendous need and pain. Her stomach and been split open, and it wasn’t likely that she would live. Then, just when she least expected it, rescuers arrived on the scene. They pulled up in their car, and Lola more than likely felt a burst of relief as she knew that someone, anyone, was arriving who could save her life.

The rescuers managed to shut her wounds and pull her away from the scene. Because of them Lola is going to live for a long time now. She has a whole new out look on life after being through such a terribly painful ordeal, but that is only going to make her stronger in the long run.

Like with so many inspiring story that pass through this site, and as the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you…” You know the rest. Share away, people.

Source = heroviral

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