Does The Public Fear Pit Bulls? My Heart Was Torn To Pieces At 1:56.

10740 views15 September 2016
It’s not uncommon to read or watch content that describes Pit Bull dogs as vicious, aggressive, or dangerous. But the truth is far from that. In reality, a temperament study found that Pit Bulls scored second highest in terms of tolerance. So where does all the unfair bias come from?

In an effort to combat these ideas, this YouTuber conducted a social experiment where he walked through the same neighborhood twice – once with a Pit Bull and the other with an Australian Shepherd. The frightened and sometimes painfully, downright ignorant responses to the Pit Bull only proves the upsetting stereotyping against these loving dogs!

It’s important to remember that there are no bad dogs, only bad people. Each individual pup is different and most have nothing but love to give! Please like and share this to spread awareness!

Source = heroviral

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