Poor Turtle Gets Caught In A Rubber Band As A Baby — People Really Need To See These Photos

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With globalization and industries developing all over the world, pollution stands as one of the worst environmental issues globally. Damage done to our mother earth can be hardly visible, yet greatly consequential, such as the extinction or endangerment of specific plant and animal species.

The state of Gaia is presented with a 15 picture photologue – the amount of waste we are generating everyday is more than we would imagine it to be. Truth may be hard to swallow at first, but as modern citizens we should aim to reduce global solid waste production amongst our everyday tasks.

1. A tortoise is left deformed by a single rubber band strapped onto him since 19 years before – this is him now.

2. The beauty of the Great Wall of China is littered by non-recyclables.

3. The once-clean river is now laden with disposed waste.

4. Even birds are victim to pollution.

  1. A seal is pictured below, with his nostril stuck in a plastic container.

6. Proof of wildlife damage caused by the aftermath of an oil spill.

7. A female farmer sits in a middle of a field full of litter and junk.

8. Yet another species of marine life deformed by plastic – a turtle suffers dire consequence.

9. Fishermen try to pave their way through a river of garbage.

10. Poor boy has no choice but to quench his thirst via this river – Would you drink this? 

11. Amidst all the litter, a boy manages to swim his way through it. 

12. Ouch! A sea lion’s neck displays a deep cut left by a mesh wire.

13. People are shown wading their way through a polluted market street.

14. A boy is pictured below trying to avoid piles of trash in his path.

15. He is left with no choice but to swim in the polluted sea.

The photographs above reflect the severity of human waste pollution. The World Bank has even predicted global solid waste generation rates to triple by the end of 2100! Thus, it is important and vital for waste reduction efforts to be executed as a compulsory communal effort.

Save Mother Earth and spread the word by sharing this important message with your peers!

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