Poor Horse Freezes On Ice For Hours As Rescuers Struggle To Save Him

672 views05 February 2017

Cody Scott was confronted with an incident on Monday afternoon that he hopes he never has to face again. 

Twenty-year-old Scott wound up on his snowmobile looking for his neighbor’s horse who went missing near the town of Rimbey, Alta. When he finally spotted the black horse, it was up to its neck in the icy waters of Lloyd Creek. The horse must have wandered off and fallen through the ice. 

According to the Huffington Post, Scott made a quick trip home to call the RCMP and fire department, and he returned to the horse with a few family members and friends to begin the rescue.

They worked tirelessly for more than two hours to try and pull the horse out of the ice. Using ropes and a halter tied around the horse’s head and attached to a winch, the large Clydesdale wasn’t even budging. 

Finally, Scott reached down into the water and tied a rope around one of the horse’s hoofs. “We were able to grab that front foot and put it above the ice, which helped to get her second foot onto the ice,” he told Red Deer News.

When firefighters and RCMP showed up, they assisted for another hour of pulling, and eventually the horse was out. Scott captured the rescue on his GoPro and uploaded it to Facebook

He says he was thankful he was able to save the horse’s life but told Global News he’d “never come across this and hope to never again.”

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