Poor Dog Passes Away After Owner With Dementia Unintentionally Forgets To Feed Him

786 views29 January 2017

Mojo, a very emaciated dog recently died after being unintentionally starved by his elderly owner. Mojo’s owner suffered from dementia and had been locked in a room. The tiny Chihuahua was found alive, but it was too late for him to be saved. His death prompted a Facebook page to be created that is a plea for people to speak up and to be more aware of things going on around them.

Mojo wasn’t the only victim. What about the family of his owner? Where were they? Why weren’t they helping not only the elderly person but the dog? Mojo suffered for many months – he and his owner had been forgotten. The person who created the Facebook page in honor of Mojo challenged everyone to reach out to your local church or local senior centers.

We should make sure that older people and their pets are not forgotten. RIP Mojo, share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]

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