You Won't Believe When You See What This Poor Dog Went Through Before Rescue

4508 views 26 September 2016
This is the story of a dog called Valentina and how she was rescued from tar. Yes, this poor pup was covered in tar for reasons still unknown, but when she was found, she was sick, sad and had lost her happiness – a case of neglect and cruelty, perhaps. After she was rescued, just 10 days later, her amazing transformation brought tears in everyone’s eyes! Yes this proves the point that animals don’t need money or fame, all they want is some of your time and love.

You could see that she also has bruises on her body, the poor thing. When they put her in the crate, she didn’t even fight back, it was like she had lost her biggest battle, the battle to win over whoever did this to her. Apart from tar and bruises, the pup also had mange. Just three days after her rescue, Valentina showed remarkable progress!

The lesson learned is to adopt wisely. Pets become part of your family, they shouldn’t be abandoned like this. Please share this post with your friends.

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