Cop Rescues Donkey From Getting Hit By Traffic, Donkey Thanks Him In A Way He Didn't Expect

1620 views 22 September 2016
Kyle Canaan works for the Norman, Oklahoma police department. As you can imagine, police officers sometimes have really strange experiences while on the job. That just comes with the territory, but this might stand out as one of the strangest experiences of all. Kyle got a call last week about a donkey in need. You read that right.

This donkey had managed to get himself lost from his home, and now he was wandering around on the streets, vulnerable to speeding cars that could kill him in an instant. Kyle showed up and managed to save the donkey — by loading it into the back of his police cruiser. He managed to get the donkey safely home, but when Kyle returned to the car he saw that the donkey had left him a special present as a thank you…

The donkey had pooped all over the backseat! Now that’s a strange work day! Share away, people!

Source = heroviral

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