Police Investigate House After 3 Kids Are Missing At School — Then They See Toys Piled Outside

228 views24 January 2017
The three children in Pennsylvania were just a few days away from death. What happened to them is just unthinkable. They were all intentionally starved and neglected by their parents. None of the children had been to school in months and were not allowed outside. Joshua Ross Weyant, 33, and Brandi Jene Weyant, 28, had a two girls ages 4 and 5 and a boy aged 6.

They began to starve their children in September, according to reports. On December 16, all three children were found covered in lice, feces, urine and bruises. They were all rushed to the Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center.

To make matters a little worse – these so called adults are not the children’s biological parents.

Joshua had decided that he didn’t want to take care of them anymore and they locked the children in a bedroom and were going to starve them to death. Brandi claimed she wasn’t a part of it and that she would sneak them snacks. Well, if she wasn’t a part of it, why didn’t she seek out help?

Giving the children snacks is a lame rationale. The boy had a distended stomach and needed to have a tube inserted to help reduce the inflammation. The older girl’s internal organs were all twisted because there wasn’t enough fat to hold them in place.

The younger girl was released but came back because of a fever and vomiting.

Brandi and Joshua are facing multiple charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy, unlawful restraint, and false imprisonment. Share away, people.

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