Parents Turn To Police After School Covers Up What Bullies Did To Their Son

5093 views31 January 2017

When one North Carolina mother got a call from her son’s school informing her that her son ‘fell’, she headed straight over to pick him up, but wasn’t too worried since it didn’t sound too serious.

Yet when Jennifer Strickland-Stacy got to Archdale Trinity Middle School, she was horrified when she saw her stepson Skyler Stacy’s face was covered in blood, bruises, and scratches. “It was just gory,” Jennifer said. “His face was bloody.” In that moment, Jennifer realized that the school’s story wasn’t adding up .

“I found out my son didn’t fall,” Jennifer said. “My son was shoved by the boy who had been bullying him. The boy shoved him face first into the pavement.” And when Jennifer took the 13-year-old to get checked by a doctor, she found out that when Skyler hit the ground, he was left with not only bruises and scrapes, but a fractured eyebrow bone.

This is the fifth time Skylar has been harassed by the same bully, yet the school has done nothing to protect him. “The first incident was when he poured water on my son,” Jennifer said. “The second incident, he took my son’s cell phone. The third incident, he spit in his face and shoved him. The fourth incident is when he repeatedly smacked my son in his face.” As punishment for some of those incidents, the bully was banned from riding on the bus with Skyler, yet that punishment only lasted three days.

Jennifer is tired of the school telling her they would ‘handle it’ and has now turned to the police to protect her son. “It’s awful to have to see his face like this because usually he’s so happy,” said Jennifer, who now has to drive her son to school every day so he isn’t on the bus and is considering homeschooling him.

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