Owl From ‘Harry Potter’ Is Found Living In Brutal Conditions Along With Other Animal Actors

1981 views18 January 2017
Ever wonder where all the animals that have a role in movies come from? There is one supplier with a branch in California; they are called Birds and Animals Unlimited. You would think that at a place that houses animals for use in movies would at least take care of the animals. I mean, the animals bring in money – so, it is a good idea to keep them healthy – right? Wrong.

A former employee (who worked from August to November 2016) at Birds and Animals Unlimited (BAU) branch told PETA that many of the animals were neglected. They lived in cages and were not fed a proper diet.

Some of the animals living there you have probably seen in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. One owl, named Crash, reportedly lived in a cage that was full of feces. To get two cats ready for a role in the movie Benji, the staff starved the cats because they considered overweight.

PETA also said that instead of trying to find homes for the dogs, they lived at the facility. Some were left outdoors when temperatures dropped into the 40s. Several pigs were found emaciated and covered in wounds.

So, the life of an animal that ‘stars’ in a movie is less than ideal. Lisa Lange, PETA Senior Vice President of PETA, argues that the only movie that is humane is one that has no animals.

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