Senior Dog Is Overlooked In Shelter Until Generous Groomer Gives Him A Makeover

1836 views 18 September 2016
Going into an animal shelter can be very upsetting if you aren’t emotionally prepared.

Many shelters are overflowing with animals that have been abused or abandoned. They are in desperate need of love that they are just not getting. Many are found on the streets, wandering around completely lost.

What is even more heartbreaking is many animals that spend a long time in shelters are senior animals, as they are often overlooked for a puppy or a kitten.

Max, a senior shih tzu, was found on the streets of Anaheim, CA, all by himself. It’s believed that he once had owners, as he has a very loving disposition when interacting with humans.

But because Max is older and ungroomed, he wasn’t getting any attention at the shelter from visitors. Hollywood Groomers was not going to let that continue!

At OC Animal Care, dogs like Max aren’t adopted first, so Hollywood Groomers sent four vans and five groomers out there to spruce up 56 dogs in the facility.

Max’s spirits were lifted, and shortly after being groomed, this little senior dog was adopted!

If you love seeing senior dogs get the appreciation they deserve, then you will enjoy seeing the transformation made when Buddy the dog was rescued after he’d been found covered in thick, matted fur.

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