No One Wanted This Elderly 16-Year-Old Dog Until One Loving Family Decided To Give Him A Chance!

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There is no animal on earth that's worthless, and no living creature should have to live a life without love and respect, no matter how old, whether human or animal. It's tragic when you hear stories about the abuse and cruel treatment of our precious seniors.

A dog named Bear found himself confined to an animal shelter. Luckily, the shelter was a no-kill facility, but it was pretty apparent that he'd probably live out the rest of his life trapped behind bars.

As an untold number of people chose younger dogs over the 16-year-old Bear and the employees naturally assumed that he didn't stand a chance of ever finding his own forever home.

Even though he's a sweet and loving boy and delights in the company of humans, lots of people lost interest when they found out how old he was.

And people shouldn't be judged to harshly for this because after all adopting a senior dog is a major responsibility.

They usually cost much more to maintain because the vet visits are more frequent, and it's also a sad fact of life that just when you've become completely attached to your new pet they may just pass on to the next world.

However, there was still hope for Bear. One morning a family visited the kennel, and when they saw the adorable dog they immediately knew that they were already in love. So, Bear got himself adopted, against all odds, and his story doesn't end there!

The 16-year-old stray dog, named Bear was hoping against hope that some loving family would come in and adopt him so that he could go to the forever home that he so obviously deserved.

However, employees at the shelter didn't really think he stood a chance.

Then one morning a family came to visit the shelter and changed Bear's life forever!

After adopting their beautiful dog, the first thing they did was give him a new name!

Although Bear is definitely a strong name, the family chose to give him a softer, more human name.

So, Bear officially became Norman!

It's difficult to understand people out there who don't believe that dogs have feelings, because whenever Norman feels the warmth and softness of a plush blanket, you can see the thankfulness in his eyes.

He's grateful to receive the love and respect that every creature deserves!

He had all he needed to eat. Which was sometimes a bit too much. But that's only because Norman didn't have any idea that that much food even existed! After just a few weeks with his new owners, they began to see that his energy level was increasing.

His fur even started to grow back in.
However, with all that excitement, a 16-year-old dog has to have some time for a little shut-eye!

And now Norman can fall asleep each night safe in the knowledge that he's surrounded by people who love him...his family!

Norman's family loves him dearly and they don't regret adopting a senior dog from the kennel.

While it may be true that elderly dogs take a little more work, just think about how horrible it must be to them to be tossed out, thrown away, just because of your age.

So, maybe he's a little older and a bit slower, it sure doesn't stop this guy from being one handsome dog!

Now that his new coat has grown in, you can really see how much just a little bit of love can change everything.

Norman, you sure are one fluffy, and handsome guy! Hopefully you live a very long and happy life with your real forever family!

What do you think about Norman's new life? Would you consider adopting a senior dog?

Let us know in the comments below and please make sure to 'SHARE' this amazing animal rescue with family and friends if you believe, like we do, that everyone deserves love, regardless of their age!

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