Mutant Creature Born With A Face Of A Monkey In A Farm Has Finally Been Identified

1850 views30 December 2016
Right out of the twilight zone – well, sort of. One pig in Guizhou Province, China gave birth to a litter of 15 piglets. One of her piglets was not like the others – at all. In China, things like this are common. The main reason most people claim mutant animals are commonplace is from all the pollution in China.

Others speculate that the reason could be the genetically modified foods the animals eat. The mutant pig, that sort of looks like a monkey or a bat, was born on December 3 but is unable to feed itself. The owner, a vegetable farmer, does not want the creature to die, so they are bottle feeding it.

The overbite allows the creature to stick its long tongue out of its mouth. The creature has two eyes that are different sizes. No one knows if the mutant pig will survive – or for how long. Share away, people.

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