Mother Horrified When She Watches Video Surveillance Footage Of Her 2-Year-Old At Daycare

11557 views 06 February 2017

It isn’t safe to assume that a person working at a daycare center loves to work with children. When Ryane Lamb picked up her 2-year-old son, Amari, from a Cleveland daycare, Cedar Early Learning Center, last Wednesday, he had welts and bruises on his legs. Lamb immediately took her son to the hospital and called the police.

Surveillance video from that day showed a 49-year-old daycare employee apparently hitting Amari with what may be a plastic back scratcher – and another worker can be seen watching. Amari is then pushed onto the ground. Shortly after that he was taken to a changing table and struck again. Later in the video, the same employee armed with a plastic bat appears to have beaten an 18-month old girl!

Both women were immediately fired, and warrants have been issued for their arrest. They both face charges of child endangerment. Share away, people.

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