Monsters Burned This Dog With Acid, But Now He's Helping Children Who Suffered The Same Tragedy

613 views31 January 2017

Some of you may remember Fergus, the golden retriever who suffered third-degree burns from an acid attack in Southern California last year. 

At just 1 or 2-years-old, this poor pooch was found outside of a Walmart by a good samaritan in Lancaster with a terrible burn down his back, from his neck all the way to his tail. The person who found him took him to a shelter,and the Animal Medical Center in West Lost Angeles cared for him. 

This brave dog was named Fergus after an Irish word meaning “powerful,” since his tail wouldn’t stop wagging since he woke up from his sedation. “The fact that this guy still trusts people, wags his tail and will let us treat him considering the horrendous way that some person hurt him, is absolutely remarkable,” Dr. Schulman said. 

“It breaks your heart,” Barbara Gale of the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue group told NBC Washington. “What did dogs ever do to anyone except bring love and joy? That’s what they’re on earth for.”

Since the devastating incident, Fergus has been adopted by Calabasas residents Vic and Anngel Benoun, and he’s on an excellent road to recovery. It was the Benoun’s wish for Fergus to help others suffering from burns, so he’s now working with the famed “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan who is helping him with obedience training in order to become a therapy dog

Millan told NBC Washington, “The more you went through, the more you can empathize,” Millan said. “So for Fergus to go through burns, then go and help (other people) move on from that experience, I think he is the right ambassador for it.” Since his injury, Fergus has received an overwhelming response from strangers, who donated toys, treats, and more to the shelter he was recovering in. We hope people continue to shower Fergus with love because he really deserves it! 

Click here to visit Fergus’ GoFundMe.

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