Monster Tied And Abandoned A Heartbroken Dog To A Tree Until Her Paws Froze To The Ground

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With the frigid temperatures outside, it’s important to keep our animals safe and warm. Leaving them outside for prolonged periods of time can result in hypothermia and frostbite. An extra coat and some dog booties can help to keep them warm, but they still shouldn’t be left outside unattended.

That’s what happened to this poor pooch who had a guardian angel on her side. Jennifer Williams was walking her two dogs in a park when one of her pooches managed to get loose from her harness.

Daisy the dog instantly ran over to a hunched figure underneath a tree, which was revealed to be another dog. She had been chained to the tree with a very short chain, which made it difficult for her to lie down.

It was obvious that the dog was freezing, and she took off her coat to provide the dog with some warmth. She was also extremely thin, and when Jennifer brought her inside, she realized her paws were bleeding. The dog couldn’t move because her paws had been frozen to the ground.

Through the power of social media, Sean Casey from Sean Casey Animal Rescue decided to take the pooch in, and discovered that she was anaemic, had cherry eye, and three pieces of metal in her stomach.

His son named her Bindi, after Steve Irwin’s daughter, and is now recovering nicely from her ordeal. Let’s hope she finds her own forever home once she’s happy and healthy again.

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