Monster Pounded This Dog With A Metal Pipe Until Her Eye Popped Out

1311 views09 February 2017

This poor dog called Reagan was rescued by the Rescue Dogs Rock organization from a New York City shelter in horrible condition. When this female dog was rescued, the rescuers were shocked to see the cruelty she was exposed to. She was repeatedly pounded with a metal pipe until her right eye detached from its socket. Unfortunately the vets were unable to save Reagan’s eye.

The surgeons operated on Reagan and successfully removed her detached eye. The poor fur ball is currently under constant supervision and has recovered a little from the hell she’d been through before her rescue. No one knows who did this to Reagan, and this is why it’s important to find this person so no other dogs will be harmed.

Reagan needs your help, so if you or anyone you know is willing to donate to her cause please visit the Rescue Dogs Rock website or make a donation here: Please SHARE.

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