Mom Was Preparing To Sign Her 10-Ounce Baby’s Death Certificate — Then 12 Years Later…

726 views15 January 2017

Having lupus (a chronic autoimmune disease) meant Tammy Koz was at a higher risk of having a miscarriage. But Tammy and her husband Eric wanted a family. Tammy did get pregnant and was optimistic until doctors said her unborn daughter wasn’t growing at the proper rate. No one thought the baby would survive.

Doctors said that if the baby survived until they could deliver her, she would likely perish. Tammy was put on bed rest, and they waited. Zoe was born weighing only 10 ounces! She survived and grew. Twelve years late, Zoe is a happy little girl! On Oprah, the couple was happy to give updates!

When you see the baby pictures and how Zoe looks now, you will have to admit she is a miracle! Zoe has a younger sister too! I’m so happy for this family! Share away, people!

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