Mom Is Getting Dinner Ready For Her Dogs — Then Sees What They’re Doing Behind Her Back

865 views 03 January 2017
How much time have you spent training your dog? My dog can sit, knows not to jump up on people, and will wait to eat until I say it is okay. Beyond that, I have not spent too much time training her to do anything special. Some people take great pride in training their dogs to do things that are simply amazing.

I don’t have the time (or patience) for anything beyond simple things. Wait until you see the four dogs in this video as they are getting ready to have dinner. Dinner time can be a hectic and crazy time if you have more than one dog – but these four canines are going to put all other dogs to shame! But wait for it, there is a special touch for you at the end.

Did you see the second dog from the left? He was having the hardest time following along! So cute! Share away, people!

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